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Academically and family-oriented, Concerts by Grupo CAÑAVERAL are perfect for academic institutions at all educational levels; for Bilingual, ESOL, Foreign Languages, Music, Social Studies and Multi-Cultural Education; and for educators, librarians, students and the general public.

Together, the members of Grupo CAÑAVERAL have more than 40 years experience playing Hispanic music concerts to a diversity of audiences that include elementary, middle and high schools, as well as colleges and universities, and conventions for multi-national companies.

Our music and concertswill help your students understand many cultural aspects of the Spanish language as well as the countries in which it is spoken and their people.

Through our concerts they will understand the longing of an immigrant in songs like En Mi Viejo San Juan and Volver A Honduras, the liveliness of the Andean carnavalito in El Humahuaqueño, the romance of the bolero, the Hispanic love song in renditions such as Quiéreme Mucho and Perfidia.

Since Latin America has been a melting pot of races and cultures, your students will be able to listen to the influences of African rhythms as found in favorite Colombian cumbias such as La Pollera Colorá; in vibrant merengues like El Negrito del Batey from the Dominican Republic; in unforgettable Cuban sones such as Lágrimas Negras, Frutas del Caney and Son de la Loma; and in gaitas from Maracaibo, the oil and dairy producing region of Venezuela.

To make the experience more lasting we have put together lyric booklets and activity books each with its own glossary of challenging words. The student proficient in Spanish will be able to read the lyrics, learn the new vocabulary words, listen to the songs and then develop his writing conversational and comprehension skills through class discussions and written activities based on content questions about the selection heard.  

So..., give your students a musical tour of Latin America!  Let them absorb the culture through this popular, lively and beautiful traditional music.  Enjoy!

This music is not only fun. It is also educational!

Elementary l Secondary l Universities l Associations

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“La música es cultura.” 
“Conocer nuestra cultura es conocernos a nosotros mismos.”

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